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Basic terms

“In order to be informed about web design please continue reading below texts.”

What is website design?

Shortly, website design means planning and creating websites. Web design also includes informative structure, structure of website, navigation, and schedule on the website, colors, contrasts, fonts and pictures also.

All those above mentioned elements combining formats one website. Commonly, meaning ‘design’ experiences only as visual aspect. In reality, web design generates more elements as a usage, ergonomic, user’s habit and other things that are making use of website much easier, and helping with more efficient finding of information.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting service storehouse your web site files in web servers. When somebody visit your web address, Internet is connecting to a web server files of your website, and then transfer data of website back to computer.

When it comes to hosting, we should say that there are two types: free and paid hosting.
Free is actually not free, and starting cost that is mentioned at ‘’FREE’’ hosting services non-existent could be very expensive.
Hosting companies that are providing with ‘FREE’ hosting have their costs of providing services, and profit they gain for example with free banners that will be set on your website. Those banners will make money for them each and every time your visitor click on the advertisement. As an owner of the website which is set on the free web hosting, you do not possess or have control over the content that will be shown on your website and where they are going to appear.
With paid hosting both you and your visitors will not be bothered with boring advertisements which could appear on your website, which is case with free web hosting.

What is web domain?

Domain is a name or address of website (example: www.somewebsite.com). Domain will be translated in unique numeric code (IP address) which computers are identifying with help of DNS (domain name system).
Let’s say when you put a name of some website, in your browser, computer is translating that into IP address of server where that website is located on. That is process which is playing in the background, and users of the website do not see.

What is CMS?

CMS is system for content management, which allows you to manage with a different parts of content on your website without knowing any of programmer languages, example: HTML.
You can change, erase, edit and put new texts, prices, photos etc. really easy.
CMS that I personally prefer and that I used during designing of this website is Word Press.

What means SEO website optimization?

SEO optimization is second name for searching optimization. When you are typing certain terms on Google or Yahoo for example, in the search area you will type term that you are looking for, and browser will show you all the results of that search.
Optimization of the website is actually taking certain steps so your website appears on the top of the results. If the website is on the first page, and it is one of the first, near the top, that brings more visits to your website.

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